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Our Purpose

“Helping You Be More Successful through a Collaborative Business Relationship with our Organization.”

--- Chris Kauffman

Recruited Club Bartender


City Club General Mgr
Country Club General Mgr
Country Club F&B Mgr
Clubhouse Manager
Country Club Executive Chef

Recruited Hotel employees


Corporate Executives
Hotel General Managers
Hotel F&B Directors
Hotel Restaurant Mgrs
Hotel Chefs

Recruited restaurant staff, chefs, managers, servers


Corporate Executives
Directors of Operations
General Managers
Executive Chefs
Multi-Unit Chefs
Kitchen Managers
Area Supervisors
Training Directors
Department Mgrs
Franchise Business Mgrs

Teacher, manager, associate recruited for a job


Corporate Executives
B & I Food Service Directors
B & I Multi-Unit Chefs
B & I On-Site Chefs

Recruited sales associate working and managing


Franchise Sales Reps
Catering Sales Mgrs
Contract Food Sales Reps

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"Recruiting Aces for Great Places Since 1981"

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